Erik Johnson Illustrator

Everybody Gather Round

Promotional card showcasing my illustration style and character poses.

Sent as an end of year gift to my artist friends.

Nickelodeon Studios

Rendered character poses of Sandy for shirts promoting “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water”.

Kansas City Chiefs

Commissioned by a Kansas City Chiefs player for shirts as gifts for his teammates.

Each player’s pose was drawn to reflect their personality and unique nicknames.

Salvation Army

From a series of spot illustrations made to inform website visitors about the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree toy drive and how to participate with donations.

Sleep Care

A year long run of single panel comics for

These were made to entertain readers while educate about sleep disorders and healthy sleep habits.


Cover Art for Wizards! The Podcast Guide to Comics, a '90s comic book culture retrospective show was drawn in the style of the era’s hottest comics.

Michigan Squirrels

Character illustrations based on squirrels from my neighborhood.

The poses were drawn to reflect their curious and hungry personalities.

Health & Safety PSA

Illustrations used to educate students and senior citizens on the importance and practice of wearing masks, proper social distancing and vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Character Art

Pose art of original character designs for use in promotional posts and marketing campaigns.

Summer Bummer

An editorial illustration accompanying a Cool & Collected magazine article about the sudden arrival of Back to School sales signaling the end of summer vacation.